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B Fishin Ringworm, Moxi & Pulse-R

Tackle Review

This week’s showcase bait for Tackle Talk Thursday is going to the Bfishin Tackle plastic bait line.  The main 3 I’ll be going over is Ringworm, Moxi and Pulse-R.  These baits are to walleye fishermen what a senko is to a bass guy!  What I mean by that is in my personal opinion these are my favorite walleye plastics on the market right now!  

    Let’s start with what times of the year I fish these baits, locations and approaches.  First off is I love these in the spring and especially on river systems such as the Mississippi, however they can be used on inland lakes with success as well.  In the spring I feel these fish are looking to feed and it doesn’t make that much of a difference if you use minnows or these plastics.  The biggest thing with fishing plastics for any species is have confidence when fishing it and relate your presentation to what a bait fish would be doing.  Now what makes these  great plastics for walleye you may be asking yourself?  Well I chalk the success I’ve had with these baits on the action.  Each of the three have a little bit different action but all have the same great thing about them and that is you don’t need to work them very fast to achieve the action of them!  This makes you able to fish these slower, the tails are very lightweight and thin so the most subtle drag or rip will get that tail to achieve a great action.  

    Now for the differences in these 3 baits.  First let’s start off with the Ringworm, oldest of these options it still holds true in putting fish topside!  These are 4” long with a ribbed body and a small twister tail to add some action.  These I really like to work on either pulling on the end of a rig or Dubuque rigging on pool 4 of the Mississippi.  The current moves the bait super well early spring to get a nice slow action.  Now for the Moxi, these come in either 3” or 4” options.  These are a wider body bait than the ringworm but have a nice but longer tail with a little bit slower action.  Last but not least the Pulse-R paddle tail, with the soft swim-bait craze that has taken over to the walleye word these maybe one of my favorites to use!  Just like its brother bait the moxi, these have the wider ribbed body but a paddle tail at the end the bait instead of the ribbon tail.

    All these baits I use in several techniques, that’s the fun part with them.  I will rig them on a jig and pitch up shallow and around cover looking for these big spring walleye on the Mississippi and other metro area lakes.  I will also use these when covering flats on lakes like Lake Mille Lacs where you are fishing long sand flats or gravel.  They even work on a drop shot to pin point finesse fish!  What I’m saying is these work great spring, summer and fall for pretty much any live bait technique a person may use.  

    Overall these baits have become one of my favorite walleye plastics on the market.  They have several colors available so you can find which works best for any body of water you are fishing.  Also the price point is very good and cheap on these plastics ranging from$3-5.  I highly recommend checking these baits out and adding them to you tackle for them big spring walleyes!

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