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Copy of Mille Lacs Report Part 2!! June 23rd, 2019

I can’t say enough how much i have fallen in love with this lake. Yes you can’t keep fish however the memories your left with will last a lifetime. If your thinking about making a trip I can’t say enough go!! Had the chance to get back up there with a few clients and needless to say they have memories to last a lifetime! Now to the fishing.... Same type of approach as the last time. Water warmed up to around 66 degrees. Deep rock to mud still holding mega schools of walleyes. Best way to find these is look on your map and then run over these areas with your electronics and graph fish stop and fish them. Don’t stop on just one two fish schools, I’m coming across giant schools before I’ll stop. Walleyes are everywhere on this lake but to get on the giant schools this is the best way I’ve found to pick it apart. Fishing did have more dead periods then the last week. I think this may be contributed to the may fly hatch. There is May flies floating all over the surface which means the walleyes are getting feed! The average size also went down a hair I’d say was around 20” fish compared to 22” last week. Still a pretty good size average. Still did manage a few giants as well. Ran leeches and rigs from 25-30 fow. Fish seemed to push off during the day to the deeper breaks and prime times sitting closer to the reefs. If you could get along where the rock and mud met you would catch. Did catch a few on some gravel bars but there was not the mega schools on the gravel that I found compared to the mud areas. Best day was 81 walleyes came over the side of the boat!! Thank you all for reading my reports! Please like and share if you would. Fishing is my passion and regardless if you book a guide trip with me or not, I want to spread my knowledge and love for fishing to all of you. I want as many people as I can help to make memories that will last a lifetime!

A Mille Lacs Giant!!

Long and lean yet a mean fight!

One of many fish today!

Happy Client with one of many eyes we caught!

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