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July 7th, 2019 Special edition metro night report!

Reel Monsters Guide Service’s special edition night fishing report! Well these last few nights I have got to spend some good time on the water! I really enjoy the peacefulness of the night. Great way to beat the crowds on the weekend in the metro area. As for the fishing I fished 2 different lake all with the same approaches and around the same success (only have pics from one trip). Once the sun goes down I look shallow! My bread and butter is run my side imagining and find the edge of the weed lines. I then place my boat so the weeds are 5-10’ off the opposite side I’m casting. Deepest water I fished these night time excursions was 5 fow. Once I find that depth and the weed line, I then watch my graph for rocks and sand mix. Where I find those areas I then throw small shallow diving crank baits. Trick to this is to find one it digs into the bottom with heavy rips but on a slower retrieve it’s just running right above those rocks and banging into them every so often. I like to work pauses into my approach just to see what the fish are wanting that particular night. Other key factors to this approach is have your trolling motor set very very slow so it does not spook these shallow areas as you are running them. Secondly turn off your lights (minus running lights to be legal) and radios; these fish are super shallow and can be very easy to spook! Then it’s simple throw the crank baits up even shallower and retrieve. When these fish hit the crank you know. I love fishing this way because the fish you find are there to eat so they crush the lures! I should have a normal metro area report coming early this next week if all goes accordingly. Hope everyone had a great 4th and thank you all for the support, it gives me the drive I need to be the best guide I can for you! Tight lines everyone!

Crappies on cranks!

Metro Gold rush!

Shallow crank bait eyes my favorite way to catch them!

Think he wanted it!!

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