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Lake Mille Lacs Fishing Report 5/17/2020

Well week number two this year up on Mille Lacs Lake. One would think catching walleye after walleye would get old but I will admit I’m yet to get to that point! Weather wise this week the water temps did not change a ton from last week. I found areas I had 45 degree water temp in last week to spike to about 47 degrees this week. Now a lot of these walleyes seem to have spawned already and are getting into that post spawn pattern which I love to fish! Post spawn on Mille Lacs allows a person to put a ton of different classes of fish top side!

Now what worked for me this last week was very similar to the previous week’s approach. I did try pulling some crank baits already but the fish were not reacting to it super well so I decided to slow it down some more and pull some rigs tipped with a leech. Now there are several options for rigs I like to start off with one person with a blade and one without to see if there is any effect on the fish between the two. This week it had changed a little bit from last week they were favoring the rigs without the blades where this week they wanted the extra bling on it! Speeds were a little faster as well to keep that blade spinning I ran from .7mph-1mph. The fish seemed to be grouped up super well on inside turns and small flats off the rock points. They seemed to be in one very specific spot and holding to these areas. When you would find the school you could double up or even pop 3-4 fish off in minutes from those areas. Now depth seemed to hold about the same as last week having fish come from that 18-22 feet of water moving from shallower to deeper as the day went on and then back shallow in the afternoon hours. Colors didn’t seem to have much effect I ran everything from, gold, white, purple, shad and orange blade with all catching fish!

I can’t stress this enough but if you want to catch a lot of walleyes with different year classes Mille Lacs is the place to be! Yes you can’t keep any of these however after pulling in large numbers all day the last thing you will want is to clean fish. Contact me to book an upcoming trip if your interested I have a few dates left these next coming weeks. Also remember if you’re going out on your own support the local resorts and bait shops when possible. Pay a launch fee or grab a burger to-go from one of the many resorts doing to-go orders. Tight lines everyone and thank you for your ongoing support!

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