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Lake Mille Lacs Report June 16th, 2019

Mille lacs report I ended up getting some time to fish up on mille lacs lake. Now there is a lot of mixed feelings about Mille lacs from a lot of people. The limit currently for walleyes is 0! So why would anyone go fish it you may ask? Well the answer is cause you can catch fish until your arm is sore! Ya you can’t take home table fare from here however if ya want to get out and try different techniques out and learn how to form patterns this lake is the best place to do this. So now to the fishing.... The amount of fish caught was just crazy! I had all sizes from 12” all the way up to 27” fish! Our average for this stint up there was about 21”. I started out the morning bye running a few miles out to some of the more off shore mud areas knowing fish should start showing up on these. I did a variety of presentations up here. From pulling lead core, jigging and of course my goto presentation drifting rigs!! You pretty much can take any presentation and find a place on Mille lacs ya can make work! So I caught most of these fish off the rock to mud transitions. The key depths seemed to be anywhere from 21’-30’ depending on cloud cover and wind. The presentation I keyed in on mostly was pulling rigs. This put a lot of fish in the boat and I was able to zone in on these giant schools of walleye. Leeches out preformed everything! Had a ton of double hook ups. Best day had was 73 fish day!! Also caught a double tagged fish which was a first for myself. Overall I’d say the state of Mille lacs lake it’s on fire!!! If you plan on making a trip up to Mille lacs on your own try to support the local bait shops and resorts. With the politics of lake Mille lacs hurting this lake these business need us to help them. Special thanks to hunters point resort. What a great launch with great people. Also thanks to all of you for following my page and liking my posts on facebook and instagram!

One of many caught today!

They are on fire!!

Double Tagged walleye

One of many!!

Average size was around the 20"+ range.

One of many double ups!

Double up with a pair of 25" gravel lizards!

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