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Metro Area Report Aug 6th-11th

This week the fish were on the feed for myself and clients I had out! Let’s start with the bass bite. I have been finding very good numbers of bass setting up on the deeper edge of the milfoil. Best tactics I have been using for these is drop shots and ned rigs. With the cool down we had this week it seems a lot of these bass pushed out of that thicker cover out to these edges. Finesse I found was the best way to get them to bite. Drag the drop shots and neds super slow and just wait for that rod tip to load up! Now for the pike! They still have been eating heavy! Same story with them as other weeks for myself. Trolling 50+ feet off the weed lines. Fished a few shallow metro area lakes this week so I mixed between leadcore and just regular trolling methods. As far as the baits go Berkley flicker shad and husky jerks seem to be the ticket this week. The best way I’ve found to find good numbers of pike is watch your electronics and when ya see bait fish streaking up in the water column generally means there are some predators around. Now for the walleyes, conditions remain tough still for these marble eyes. Best way over found has been during low light periods fishing shallow with crankbaits that will run over the top of the weeds. I haven’t had a consistent bite in these fish for a few weeks here however there are still some to be caught you just gotta work a little harder then normal for them. Best areas I have found when doing this is around grass beds on the inside edges once night fall hit. The pan fish bite remains strong still! Very easy to come across the big schools of these fish. Yea you do have to pick thru them if you want to keep any but still a fun time when your able to catch a ton in a day. Have been finding crappies as well starting to bunch up in some of the deeper breaks. Best approach I like for pan fish is 1/16th oz jig; depending on the wind and depth paired with your favorite small plastic. Fish seem to not care either way if it’s plastic or love bait on the trips I’ve done. Plastics are nice because they are able to hold up thru multiple fish so your more efficient on the water. Thanks to all who read, like and share my reports! Next weekend I’ll be up in Grand Rapids on Pokegama so stay posted for a special edition report from that area! Tight lines everyone!

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