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Metro Area Report for Aug 20th-25th

Metro Area Report for Aug 20th- Aug 25th

Well this last week has had its ups and downs. Ive been finding the fish moving around a lot, generally with weather fronts coming thru this will happen! Best way to get by this is use your electronics and find the fish before you fish a spot.

Bass bite has been going very consistent in the metro area as of late. The nice thing about this time of year is what I call junk fishing. What I mean bye that is take your strongest/ favorite technique and an area you can run it and you can catch fish! This last week I did several different things to catch bass from tossing frogs on the overcast and even some sunny days across the pads. Also did some punch rigs in the thicker milfoil. Then if you are a person to likes to fish deep you can’t go wrong with the drop shot approach or running Carolina rigs if you want to cover a lot of ground! These fish seem to be spread out all over the place! Bigger schools I’ve found more offshore and off the deeper weed edges, but for big fish the thick milfoil and pads have seemed to produce those.

The pike bite continues to be strong and I think should keep up the rest the season. Best that I have found for this is either run lead core if you want to fish deeper off the weediness otherwise just trolling with normal set-ups to achieve that 10-15’ range. Best way to find these fish I have found is find the schools of pan fish and troll these areas. The pike will be there trying to feed on them! Best baits I’ve found were the Berkley flicker shads and Rapala DT series if running lead core. Colors for the metro I like to use is anything golden shiner or blue gill pattern seem to produce the best for myself, match the hatch as they always say!

Walleye bite has still been very hard for myself, Im hoping with the water temps seem to be cooling these fish will soon start to be putting on the winter feed bags! The ones I have found have been very inconsistent, I’ve caught them low light periods shallow on cranks and also edges of weed-lines pulling rigs with plastics. I know lots of people like to use crawlers and live bait does have its pros with it however with the ammont of pan fish schooling I can keep a plastic down there longer than a crawler without them tearing it apart. If there is wind try to fish the wind beaten shore lines or where its pushing into the offshore reefs and you may find success! Along with that I’ve also picked a few fish up on pulling the cranks deeper offshore with lead core. Now it has been very hit or miss like I said but as the water cools and the fall approaches these fish will be eating!

Pan-fish remain to be going very strong. Like other weeks best thing to do is find a weed line and mark the schools and then fish them. Now these fish do tend to move around because predatory fish coming into eat the, however once a school runs out just track down the next one is the best way to keep on them. I like to use small 1”-1.5” paddle tails on a 1/32 or 1/16 oz jig depending on depth and wind I find.

Sorry for the minimal pictures this week I broke my go pro mount on my boat so a lot of the ones I took did not turn out because I fish alone when scouting and use the go pro to take the pictures, without the mount I tried using the selfie stick approach and it was a fail! I have a new one now however so hopefully ill get some better photo results this coming week! Thank you all for the support by liking and sharing my reports, I’m truly blessed to be doing what I love and it wouldn’t be possible without all of you supporting me, so thank you! Also if you have not yet feel free to go check out my new website

you can now read the reports on there along with book you trip thru there now!

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