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Metro Area Report July 5th, 2020

Well the weather has been brutal lately with the heat! However the bite has been just as hot as of late! This week water temps started to sore into the 82 degree range.. The weeds are growing high and the summer slam has began! Hope everyone has been having good success these last couple weeks on the water. I had the same normal routine, bass and walleyes with a few of those slime rocket pike mixed in.

Let start with the walleye bite, it has kept about the same as other weeks. The days they bite you can chalk up a good amount of eyes with pulling rigs and leeches along weed lines and rock bars. Also have found a lot of these fish on the deeper transitions from rock to sand. I also managed a couple days running crank baits for these gravel lizards. Berkley flicker shads and deep diving husky jerks have been the key running anywhere from 2mph-3mph. Main lake points have even good along with the offshore bite has gotten better as well. Mornings and evenings these fish seem to be pushing shallow and during the day time hitting the deeper edges to feed. Biggest thing I’ve figured out is they change everyday, some days they want the rigs tipped with a leech and ran slow and other days they want that fast action of the crank baits. Remain versatile and let the fish tell you what will work for that particular day.

Now for the large mouth and small mouth bite. To say its been on fire is an understatement! Several days with double digit fish with today 7/5 racking up 38 between large mouth and small mouth. Small mouth seem to be set up a little deeper along the rock edges. If you can find patches of weeds with rocks in that 7’-12’ range the bronze backs are there and ready to feed. Same routine as other weeks for small mouth, drop shots and ned rigs are straight up catching these fish! I also was able to mix in topwater early in the mornings along with a jerk bait. Large Mouth have been mixed in some but remain to stick a little shallower then the small mouth. Top water plugs and flipping craws in the thick patchers keep producing these greenies! This last week these fish both small and large mouth are grouping up offshore and feeding heavy! Once you find a school it has not been uncommon to hit 5-6 fish in minutes. My best approach is hitting these areas they are schooled and catching them until they stop and move to the next area once they die down and keep rotating spots.

Overall the heat seems to have these fish fired up and feeding! Hope everyone had a safe and great 4th of July and were able to get on the water and do some fishing! Thank you all for all your support and reading, liking and sharing my reports. I do this to help you all get on the bites I have been encountering. I do have spots for July open still get 10% off half or full day trips if you book before 7/12/2020. Tight lines everyone!

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