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Metro Area Report Sept 3rd & 4th

Metro Area Report Sept 3rd and 4th

Well folks I have been back in the metro area for a couple trips the last day and a half! What a change from being on Mille Lacs where the weed beds are few and far between too the weed locked lakes of the metro. I love fishing different lakes like this I feel it helps me become a more well rounded fisherman. It was nice to be back home even if its for just two nights, the life of a traveling fishing guide!

Here is what I found while out for the two trips I had booked. We will start with the bass like normal. Now this is what I have found after the bigger storm rolled thru the day after I found these fish had pushed pretty far out off of the main weed lines. I was finding these fish in anywhere from 17’-20’ and very spread out even with the wind blowing well which should group these fish better that was not the case! The bite did get a lot better yesterday for myself, I found these fish in their more normal areas tighter to the deep weed line edges. Best approaches I found were when they were further off I would throw a 1/2oz football jig just because the wind was super rough on Tuesday. Now I would downsize this to probably a 3/8 if it were calmer. Best way to get them to bite was drag slow, the slower seemed the better almost. I also mixed in a drop shot 3/8oz weight when the wind was strong and then downsized to 1/8 yesterday when it was flat calm. I also noticed a lot of fry schooled up on some of the main points I fish. Fishing these areas I would see the bass busting on them on the surface so naturally I mixed in a top water plug when I would see the schools coming up to eat which a few fish fell victim too.

Now to the walleyes, well they are starting to show up for me again which tells me fall is approaching! Now I didn’t knock the lights out with them bye any means but found some smaller under slot fish which tells me a lot about where they are currently. Best approach was fishing the sundown period and into the dark. I used a drop shot to get the ones I would find on the edges of the sand/grass flats. Also I worked a shallow diving crank bait in that I could get thru the grass if I fished it slow enough. I found fish in the areas I fish in the fall however yet to see the big giants move in yet. I think if the temps and everything stays consistent next week the fall smackdown could begin!

Pan fish seem to be spreading out somewhat and crappies are showing up from what Ive heard. Now I didn’t fish any myself however from scanning reefs they seem to be sitting in their normal places off the weeds schooled up and on the move. Too fish these be prepared to move around, these schools never seem to stay in one area because they are being chased bye the predator fish.

Thanks you all who read, like and share my reports it makes this worth while. Now off to Big Stone Lake Ill have some reports coming from there hopefully daily or every other depending on my service and internet. I also still have openings for the fall bite in the metro so book before they fill up! Tight lines everyone!

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