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Metro Minnesota Area Fishing Report 5/31/2020

Well this week things heated up very nicely with water temps and the bite itself! I think every type of fish came over the side of my boat minus a carp! Water temps were anywhere from 62 degrees all the way up to 74 degrees I found in some back bay areas of some lakes.

Fist off the bass bite has heated up very nicely! I seen these fish in spawn and post spawn this week depending on the lake and temp I was fishing. As this water warms these fish seem to speed out a little more so now is a great time to catch them. Large-Mouth I found shallow still around the weed beds inside and out. Best approach I found was flipping jigs into the thicker secluded beds to get these greenies to bite! Now small mouth I also found shallow but in more rocky areas with less weeds. Best lure I found for these were a drop shot setup so I could cast and hold right around the rocks. This week I found both very good numbers and quality as well with some 4 plus pounders coming over the gunnel.

The walleye bite has been very off and on lately for myself. But when it seems to be on the eyes are eating very well! I tried to run some cranks deeper this week with no success. The ticket was running Lindy rigs with crawlers or leeches were the best option. Found some good quality keepers with big trophy fish mixed in. My approach most week was running these on the outside edge of weed lines going .5mph-1mph. Wind beaten shores like always produced the best numbers.

Along with all the other fish that were biting the pike seemed to heat up as well! Had the chance to take a day and target them. Caught most on crank baits running anywhere from 2mph-3mph outside the weediness. I like to push deeper during the day hours and go a little shallower in the prime times. Lots of numbers of smaller to mid sized pike with some trophies mixed in!!

Overall this week was a great week to get out on the water with some amazing weather. This next week the temps will continue to rise along woth the water temps. My approach as the water warms these fish will be moving to their summer spots. The off shore bite should be heating up more and more each day. Hope everyone is safe and well thru the events that are occurring. Thank you all for your ongoing support! Contact me to book your June trip, dates are filling up! Tight lines everyone!!

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