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Metro/NW Minnesota Fishing Report 6/22/20

Well it has been a few weeks last time I posted one of these, sorry about that life has just gotten very busy as of late. I do have openings for July still so if you are interested please feel free to give me a call or message and I can let you know what I have open! Now for this weeks metro area fishing report! Water temps have been rising with the warm weather of last week only to drop come the weekend once the cold front came thru. As of Sunday when I was out the temps on that particular lake were around 70-71 degrees.

So lets start off with the walleye bite! These fish are on the move from what I have seen to their summer areas. A lot of fish on the bigger lakes I’ve seen have been moving to the off-shore structure. Rocks and weediness have been key! As far as the depth goes it all really depends on the lake. I have seen these fish during the day push deeper off the break lines of particular reefs into that 20’+ range at times. Of course low light periods (morning and evening) these fish seem to push up on top and the edges of these weeds and are feeding! As far as lures goes the pulling rigs technique has still been working with crawlers or leeches running 1mph-1.5mph. Along with that the cranking/trolling bite has started to heat up! It is a good way to cover a lot of area to find where these fish are setting up. I have been running Berkley flicker shads, deep husky jerks and several other hard baits. I will generally switch to lead core if the water is too deep to just run my standard braid on and get down to these fish. Overall the bite has kept being very up and down for myself, one day we slam them and others its tough to get a couple to bite even.

Now to the bass bite, this year the small-mouth fishing has been on fire for myself! Along with the small mouth I have seen large mouth as well in the more weed congested areas sitting shallower then the bronze backs. Large-mouth I have been fishing the deeper weed edges throwing swim jigs or punching the really thick beds of foil that have been coming in. The small mouth on the other hand I’ve found seem to have pushed off a little deeper into those rocks off the first breaks of reefs if you can find them. For these a person cannot go wrong with drop-shots or ned rigs! Seems once you find a good area these fished are still grouped up pretty well and willing to eat!

Overall this last week the wind never seemed to stop the first part of the week and then the weekend it seemed there wasn’t enough. One thing I tell everyone is when the wind is blowing fish those areas the waves are rolling into if possible because the fish seem to group up and feed very well around those particular areas. Hope everyone is doing well and getting out and enjoying some fishing themselves. I thank you all for your ongoing support hope to see you in my boat soon! Tight Lines!

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