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Mille Lacs Lake Report Aug 31st

Mille Lacs Report For August 31st 2019

The bite was pretty tough today I will admit. The weather conditions were changing bye the hour so there were good bite windows and bad ones. I tried a few different techniques but one out of them all shined above the rest……can you guess it? Of course its lead core! Mille Lacs is made for pulling lead in my opinion. The long reefs provide a good mile to two long runs and makes it a very good place to learn how to do this. Today I found 75% of my fish on gravel flats. Now I did run some mud flats and got a few but I didn’t see any bigger schools to key in on. These fish are very spread out. On the gravel I found most the walleye were sitting in the 21’-25’ range. As far as speeds I was changing from 2.1mph all the way up to 3mph depending on where I saw the fish in the water column and depth I was in. The lures changed a lot for myself, it seemed every time I put a new crank bait on it would get bit! The best producer however was a storm smash shad. This lure put the most fish topside, colors I found best were a fire tiger during the sunny periods and the switched to a shad color when the clouds would roll in. I also caught a few off of the Rapala BCX crank baits. Ive been very impressed with the durability of these lures! Other techniques that are worth noting were jigging raps on the shallower rock bars but a lot of these reefs were full of boats. I also found the better bite periods I had were when I was away from the crowds. I found a few gravel bars with no boats for a mile! Overall a decent day with it being the Labor Day weekend. Thanks all of you that like and share my posts. Im very grateful for all of you that take the time to read these.

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