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Mille Lacs Lake Sept 1st & 2nd am

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Lake Mille Lacs report for Sept 1st & Sept 2nd am Reel Time!!!

Well like the last report fishing continues to have its high and lows. A lot of this I feel has to do with the conditions changing these last few day. Periods of clouds faired a lot better than the blue bird skies that rolled in Labor Day around 10am. During these cloudy periods the fish were eating fairly well. Of course the technique is nothing new. Lead core lining! If you do not do this technique on Mille Lacs you should really adapt it to your arsenal. It’s a great way to put any lure in the strike zone of these fish at any depth. Speeds seemed to be pretty consistent around that 2.4mph up too 2.7mph. The storm smash shads continued to out preform all the others that we tried. The hot colors were a rainbow trout color and pink UV during the cloudy periods. When the sun came out I switched over to a Berkley flicker shad and that seemed tom do the job in the perch pattern. The bite definitely slowed once the clouds left and the fish seemed to push a lot further out. As far as structure goes I did run some gravel again with a few fish however the deeper rock edges seemed to hold more and better fish. To run these during the clouds I would run right over the tops in 21’-23’ and get the fish. Once the Sun came out they pushed further off the structure into that 28’-30’ range and were very tough to get to bite. Overall clients got what they wanted with a mix of smallmouth and walleyes around the 5 walleyes for every smallmouth. Did come across a few decent 4 lb fish with most of them came trolling across the tops of the rocks as well. Im going to try to do one more report while I’m up here for the pm today and am tomorrow before I have to head back to the metro so stay following if you fish Mille Lacs! Thanks to all who like and share my posts its a blessing I have you here to help me live this dream out! Thanks to all who take the time to read these and I hope it helps point you in the right direction! All pictures I post of me are pre fishing for clients I don’t tend to use my clients photos because they are personal memories if they feel they want to share them great

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