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Mille Lacs Report 8/4/2019

Lake Mille Lacs weekend report for August 4th, 2019 Well I think its safe too say the bite on Mille Lacs has been the toughest I’ve ran into this

year! Water temps are up and a lot of these fish seem to be moving around. Now you pair that will the mayflies, no wind and bluebird skies for fishing its a worst nightmare!I did several different approaches while up here for the day. Tried pulling rigs with very little success. Best approach that I found was pulling lead-core over the top edges of the mud flats or rocky points produced a few fish as well. The top edge of the flats I marked fish in very good numbers however they reacted very negative most the day. The few that we did manage seemed to be in bite windows. By this I mean you would get a few bites in fifteen minutes and then they wouldn’t eat. I still would be marking decent sized schools but just was very hard to get them to go! Thats why they call this sport fishing and not catching I realized. I know there are probably a lot more active fish off the deeper edge of the mud flats during the day but I do not like to fish for these fish because the summer water temps being high you get a lot of mortality. On a lake you can’t keep these fish I feel I do not want to kill a fish and let it float. Now I have nothing against people who do fish the deeper edges I just try to stay away from it myself when the water temps rise in the middle of summer. As for baits that worked best for myself, Berkley Flicker shads in the shad and golden shiner pattern. Also bluegill flat bills they seem to love! The KVD 1.5’s are my favorite to pull paired with lead core. Mille Lacs is still one of my favorite lakes in Minnesota even tho the bite was tough we still managed a few on this amazing body of water! The lake has so much to offer I hope everyone can get out there and experience its natural beauty! As fall nears and these water temps start dropping the bite should pick up again! Thanks to all that read and share my reports I love this job and I want folks to catch fish regardless if they are booking my services or not. Tight lines everyone!

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