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Mille Lacs Report July 20th, 2019

Morning mille lacs report July 20th..... Ran up to the pond before the rain this morning. With a short trip in mind we only ran a few miles off shore not even to the mud. Ive got some reports the mud has been pretty good on some reefs and not much on others. Bite was slower than normal but sometimes these fronts can do that. They did start to pop once the rain started. Found a majority of our fish on the top edges of points running into the basins. Ran mostly lead core with Berkley flicker shads or flat bill cranks. Golden Perch and Shad colors were the best producers. Did get some pulling rigs but a lot of the fish were tight to the bottom in a negative reaction when we came across them. Left a little after the rain but ended with a couple picture worthy ones! Thanks to all who like and follow and share the reports!!

Mille Lacs Gold rush!

Mille Lacs pig!

Bite heated up as the rain began!

g g g g giant!

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