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Mississippi River Pool 4 (3/21/2020)

Mississippi River Pool 4 Report (3/21/2020)

Well the river definitely has changed even from just a few days ago when I was down there last. That’s one thing to keep in mind, is it can change minute to minute at times. Always be prepared to change up baits or techniques to find a pattern. With the rain we got on Thursday the level of the river itself didn’t seem to fluctuate however the water seemed to cool somewhat. Not to mention a small cold front coming through will sometimes make for some tough fishing.

So like anytime pre-spawn it’s no secret I was running Dubuque Rigs. I had two other friends in the boat with me today so I thought we could really get some dialed in with 6 different options for bait (3 people running Dubuque Rigs equal 6 hooks). However, it did not pan out to work out like that. I noticed a few things today compared to last weekend. First off the live bait vs plastics were about 50/50. So I could not pattern if they wanted one or the other. The best thing I’ve found for this is run one of each, minnow on top plastic on the bottom or vise versa. Next thing is colors of plastics we were getting bites on I couldn’t find much consistency with either. We caught fish from white, to orange to green and firecracker. I was switching out trying to dial them in and didn’t find one they really wanted compared to the others. So along with this I found the fish seemed to push out more to the current seams and deeper water as well. Last time I was down there a few days ago I found most my fish in 15’-18’, today most were found in the 20’-24’. I also seemed to get more bites trolling a little faster at around .7mph sometimes even up to 1mph!

Overall it was not a terrible day just to be out on the water. Everyone was very respectful out there. The bite may have not been rockstar for my boat but we did end up putting a decent number of walleyes and saugers top side! Walleyes were mostly males that we caught but got some respectable saugers. I think in the coming week or possibly even days the bite should get even better. Best way to keep up with the changing conditions of the river is to get out there as much as possible. I learn more and more every outing on the river it seems, now I’m far from some of the “sticks” down there but it’s a very interesting fishery and I can’t but recommend to anyone to at least go try it once. Fishing can be a great mental release to get away from the events happening in our world currently. The big thing is be respectful at the launch to others and just keep your distance. Tight lines everyone get out and fish.

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