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Pike Report, July 12th, 2019

Pike fishing report!!! Well hope everyone had a great and safe 4th! This week I got the chance to do a couple pike trips during the week. For this I prefer actually hitting some smaller lakes around the west metro, I feel I get better numbers per trip. The approach I went with was actually running lead core and small square bills. Some of you maybe thinking lead core? Isn’t that used just on big lakes? That couldn’t be more untrue! I love running lead on the smaller lakes cause a lot are just bowl shaped and featureless. So what I tend to do is start deeper when the sky’s are high run off as much lead as it’s going to take me to get close to the bottom. Then it’s easy! You just keep that same depth running just full laps around the lake until you can pin point what area where these pike are then it’s game on! Didn’t end up getting any giants but some very good numbers with this approach. The great thing about leadcore is you can get any crank bait you want to a certain depth. Even the dt4’s (maybe my favorite crank bait to fish) I’ll throw on a rod and drop it down to 20’ if that’s the depth I want. A lot of people are intimidated bye leadcore cause it sounds confusing. That also could not be more untrue. So what is leadcore some of you maybe saying? So leadcore is line that’s made of lead with a sheath on the outside. So what this does is make your line sink so you don’t need to use those bulky annoying snap weights. On a spool of Lead generally there is 10 colors they call it. What each color represents is 30’ of line. Also with each color depending on your speed that will drop a lure 5-7’ depending on the brand and a few different variables. So pretty simple if I want to troll 20’ at 2mph I drop out the lure on a mono liter about 20’ of liter. Now if it’s a dt4 i want to throw on I know it dives 4’. So then you just have to do simple math; each color is 30’ long and will drop my lure 5’. So doing the math 3 colors of line will get me 15’+4’ the lure already dives and that lure you got stuck at 19’. Now it does take some getting use to with lead because you never want to set the hook! There is no stretch and it will pull the bait out of their mouth 9/10 times. If anyone has questions on running leadcore feel free to message me and I hopefully can answer them. Honestly it’s a great tool to learn for middle summer pike and walleyes! As for my trips. There were no mega giants but some good fish to be had. A lot in the middle of the day I would get deep around that 20’ range and then shallower as the sun dropped pushing me to run right along the outside weed-lines. Speeds ranged all the way down to 1.8-2.5mph. Thanks to all who read, like and share my post you guys and girls rock!! You all help me live my dreams out, I can’t thank you enough!!

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