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Pokegama & Mille Lacs Report Aug 17th- Aug 19th

Pokegama/ Mille lacs Report Aug 17th- Aug 19th

Well I got a few days to myself this last week so I decided to head north and do some me time fishing! Now this is where my go-pro mount broke this last week so the fish pictures did not turn out the best but I got some amazing scenery pics I’ll add to my report!

Pokegama, wow its been a few years last time I fished this lake and it was for a smallmouth tournament then. This time I was just going to try to fish something out of my comfort zone from the metro area. The deep clear water on this lake case be very very tough at times. Then you add a nice wind shooting down it and it can get a tinge choppy. But this was not going to stop me from trying! I managed a few smaller walleyes in the 15” range at dusk pulling slow death rigs with crawlers and plastics. I did not find any concentration of walleyes schooled up however fishing from 10’ all the way down to 35’ in the areas I fished. However for the bass and pike I did turn on somewhat of a pattern. I found throwing Berkley Flicker shads or trolling them along where the weeds would come up seemed to be the most consistent for myself. Now I also did get some bass throwing a drop shot out deeper and dragging a ned rig thru the weed edges but crank baits gave me my best bite. This lake has A ton of bait in it and when I mean a ton I had my graphs half full at times in 30’! This tells me they are eating very well out here! Now the hardest part for myself was keeping my boat in the deeper water and throwing up to the shallower points that came up with the wind blowing in on them. Overall the Grand Rapids area is very beautiful and tranquil but yet has everything in town a person could need. I recommend to anyone who has not been up here go visit it and you will not be dissapointed!

Mille Lacs, I decided being I had no clients with I was going to try some new areas I found on navonics. I wanted to try for some smallmouth in these areas because the structure seemed right. Well I did find small mouth in them however they were small ones. No giants for myself this time around. I tried several techniques on these fish. Best two best were drop shots and ned rigs around the deeper boulders in 20’-25’. I would graph an area and mark the big rocks I found with fish off of them and come back to them and fish after I’d be done graphing that area. Now the ones I did find fish on seemed to be near the transitions where the boulders would change to a sand or mud bottom. Doing this I also picked up several walleyes as well so kept the rod bending over pretty well!

This is one of those reports that proves why they call fishing, fishing and not catching! Overall it was a great few days to get away and clear the mind after what’s been a fairly busy summer. Just having the relaxation can do the mind a ton of good! Thanks to all who read, like and share my reports I appreciate a lot, you keep me doing my true passion of fishing!

Thank you all tight lines!

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