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Something I hold very close to myself!

Ok guys and gals I want to talk about something today that isn’t fishing. Mental health, I hold this very close to my heart. Back in 07’ I had my father commit suicide. This was a very big mental thing for myself to overcome and truly be at peace with. A lot of society views suicide as selfish, however it’s far from that. I don’t blame my father at all for what he did that day. Now after 11 years I’m at peace knowing he’s at peace now. Would I give anything to have him back? absolutely! The thing is tho as humans were wired to have that selfishness of wanting them here. I look at it now as they are no longer going thru the daily struggles they had to endure before and are in a peaceful place now. There is so much unexplained with suicide and that’s the hardest part. The thing is with it tho what will those answers give you? Regardless the harsh truth is the loved one is still gone. Anyone struggling with loss hear this from me it’s not answers we seek it’s peace. I know I can’t see my dad physically but I truly believe he looks over me now so he still is with me! Now how does this relate to fishing? Well I found fishing after my father passed, yes I fished before this but I figured out when I’m on the water I’m the most content and focused in life. Fishing can be a release for many and a great and healthy thing to do and take a mental health day from work. Here at reel monsters guide service I don’t just want to take people fishing I want to help them if they need help. I want to give them a release from whatever everyday things they need to get away from. Anyone booking with me or even not planning on taking a trip, know you can talk to me about anything and I will never judge anyone but myself. Everyone has their ups and downs and believe me I’ve been down in the darkest places one knows. However I’m still here and better and stronger then ever. I don’t have a degree in psychology or any of that but I have had a lot of life experiences. please anyone if you are struggling and need someone I am here. I’m here to talk, fish anything that will help your mental state. If your broke I don’t care money isn’t important your important! I once was at those lows but now I’ve found my true self and want to help others find theirs. I don’t want to just be your regular old fishing guide, I want to be more and help people find a way thru their hardships. Be kind to others cause you never know the battles they may have! Feel free to share this, I want it to reach anyone who needs it. Tight lines everyone I appreciate everyone of you because you make my dream possible!

R.I.P Dad

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